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Real-time beam tracing technology for Minecraft



Minecraft, NVIDIA and Microsoft have announced that with more than 176 million copies with real-time ray tracing support, the world’s best-selling video game will be much more realistic and performance. The new update will bring more vivid visuals, more realistic effects and montages, more realistic shadows, lighting and vibrant colors in the worlds they create for Minecraft players.


          How to make Minecraft use Nvidia graphics card ?

Matt Wuebbling, NVIDIA GeForce Marketing Manager: “Minecraft will introduce millions of gamers of all ages with ray tracking technology, who don’t prefer more demanding video games. The fact that the world’s best-selling computer game adds ray tracing on the PC shows the momentum created by ray tracing in the game ecosystem. ”

Saxs Persson, Creative Director, Microsoft Minecraft, said, “Beam tracking technology is an improvement that we get for Minecraft when we think about what we can do next. GeForce RTX gives the world of Minecraft a whole new feel. In normal Minecraft, a gold block only looks yellow, but when ray tracing is on, you see the reflection highlight, you see the reflection, you can even see the reflected enemy. ”

              How to get Minecraft to use Nvidia graphics card ?

With this update, Nvidia shared this system known as Minecraft Nvidia ray tracing with Minecraft lovers. NVIDIA and Mojang are adding a ray-tracing method known as path tracking to the Windows 10 version of the game. Path tracking simulates the way light moves across a scene.

It offers a unified model with lighting calculations for many different types of effects that are traditionally pixelated or implemented separately using hybrid renderers.


What’s in minecraft nvidia ray tracing?

  • Direct illumination from a variety of light sources including sun, sky, and absorbent surfaces such as luster and lava
  • Realistically hard and soft shadows depending on the nature, condition and distance of the light source
  • Lighting is applied per pixel.
  • Indirect diffuse lighting (diffuse global lighting)
  • Indirect specular lighting (reflections)
  • Transparent materials are used with reflection, refraction and scattering. (stained glass, water, ice)

  • Atmospheric scattering and density (volumetric fog, light shafts, realistic sky)

NVIDIA GeForce RTX series GPUs stand out as the only graphics card that can play games with real-time ray tracing. Especially noticeable improvement in this Minecraft game, giving players an indispensable performance.

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