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Minecraft 1.15.1 Pre Release #1

minecraft 1.15.1 pre-release

When is Minecraft 1.15.1 released ?

Although the Minecraft 1.15 buzzy bees version has just been released, Mojang quickly started working on and released version 1.15.1 to fix some issues.

Additions and Modifications

  • Block building performance has been rearranged, especially for blocks with many different block states.
  • Fixed the bug caused by special generation blocks that spawn villagers.
  • Fixed a crash in the realms screen
  • Various bugs fixed


MC-167530 – Anvils Cause an Error java.lang.stackOverflowError MC-167482 – Corrupted chunk causes a forced world upgrade to fail.

How to install the pre-release of Minecraft

  • Launch your Minecraft launcher and in the top tab, click Settings.
  • Then check the Snapshot box. This will appear directly as a new profile.
  • Launch the snapshot profile and take advantage of the latest news.
Pre-release 1.15.1 download


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