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Mash-Up Pack The Scrooge Band Minecraft News

A new Mash-Up Pack with Scrooge Band theme is made for Minecraft lovers. Minecraft Bedrock: "DuckTales Adventure Map"

What’s in Minecraft mashup packs?

Minecraft has many mash-up packs and these Minecraft mash-up packs offer a great experience for Minecraft enthusiasts.


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What is in the Minecraft DuckTales mashup pack?

This pack series on Donald Ville City, Mc Picsou some mythical places like the Pyramids or Neverrest Mansion and Mount includes a map of some mythical places like this.

The difficulty and excitement of the mysteries hidden in this map will add different creativity unique to this package.

The mysteries hidden in this map will have to be solved by collecting pieces to bring them back to the coffer, or simply replay the series directly in Minecraft.

This pack includes 34 skins from the series.

You can learn what you want to learn about the DuckTales adventure map from this video and have an enjoyable experience.




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